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The ideas presented by are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or therapy. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have. is not authorized to make recommendations or serve as a substitute for professional advice. We only present ideas and perspectives to stimulate self-exploration for readers interested in pursuing personal growth and discovering alternative ways to think about themselves. All views presented are solely the author’s perspective.

Healing Our Selves,
Healing Our Worlds

Why this website?

Community, Growth, Healing

This blog has been a work of love developed over the past ten years.  Since my teen years I have believed that through appropriate touch, compassion, listening, sharing our stories with others,  we can heal ourselves.


The journey to better understand my own dynamics and gain enough awareness to be able to write about our complex humanness only coalesced after I had some significant challenges over the course of a few years.  At that time, I had to do deep self-examinations about why I was who I am and how I could translate that into helping others make discoveries for themselves. 

My personal growing brought with it a realization that we all can use the powers we discover within ourselves to change the dysfunctional worlds and communities we live in by applying loving ideas that heal others.

While I am not a professional therapist or counselor,  I do believe there are others in this world who might benefit from these ideas presented in this blog platform.  Having grown to the point of releasing nearly all of my fears and can now truly say that I love every moment and feel in partnership with my soul, I feel that others may benefit from my travels.  Being non-judgmental, I welcome your insights, whatever they may be, and I will strive to help everyone find greater peace in their lives.

Members Receive

Subscribing members of this website receive exclusive events, discounts to products in the store, additional articles to help overcome past trauma, letters from other members, deeper dives into the concepts discussed, and a beautiful and supportive community to help heal our selves and heal our worlds.

In our membership forum, you will gain the opportunity to engage in discussion about environmental health, energy generation, greenhouse food production, mindful micro-communities, and on everyone's individual process recovering from trauma.

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