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My Premises for Living This Life

Updated: Jan 11

All articles within this blog rely on these principles - by KC Johnson

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These are the fundamental principles describing how my ideal life fits within our universal existence:

1. Everything we do is meant to teach us how to love every moment. 2. Love is another name for the pure unfettered energy flowing through everything. 3. Everything exists as part of a balance of energies, and when that energy flow is out of balance forces will attempt to regain stasis. 4. The human experience is composed of two paradigms, the universal connection not based on judgment and the experiential that includes our Inner Child, micro-personalities, and our use of the protective mechanism of judgment. 5. We are 100% responsible for our thoughts, actions, and for the experiences we have. 6. All of our constant stream of experiences are meant to be learning moments, not needing to be judged. 7. Thoughts of judgment disrupt our energetic balance. 8. We need to view our soul as a partnership meaning that we accept and are thankful for the experiences that our soul sends our way. 9. Our aware self is that deep inner voice that is our soul speaking to us that never uses judgment when communicating with us. 10. We come into this life after having lived many other lifetimes, and some of those past lifetime experiences, known as karma, can give us residual responsibilities to yet be resolved in our present lifetime. 11. We begin developing our Inner Child even before birth as we learn how to deal with the experiences coming our way. 12. Our Inner Child becomes the foundation for our lifetime thoughts and personal identities, called our sense of self, and we can help our Inner Child mature as we intentionally release held our fears. 13. Our micro-personalities, known as micro-voices, are the pure skills our Inner Child creates to function within the physical world of experiences. 14. Our Inner Child tasks the pure-skilled micro-voices with protecting it as it interacts with the personalities and actions of other people that make it feel unsafe. 15. Maintaining a healthy, fully safe experience for our Inner Child requires fulsome nurturing including continuous hugging, appropriate and generous touch, two-way communication, acceptance for the uniqueness of each person, and support for ideas, self-identities, and decisions done non-judgmentally and into adulthood. 16. When there are no painful or unsafe experiences being felt our Inner Child will have no need to task micro-voices to take protective actions so it can return to using the original micro-voices with their unadulterated pure skills. 17. When there are painful or unsafe experiences our Inner Child tasks the micro-voices with developing protective skills that use judgment to create barriers as shields to help the Inner Child feel more protected and safe.

18. Micro-voices are the components that make up our personality that becomes a reflection of the learned experiences we have had and of the type of tasking our Inner Child has had the micro-voices develop. 19. We have two main faces to our personality: our inner face is the protected sense of self that holds our most deeply held fears and beliefs that are protected by our micro-voices and that reflect our vulnerabilities; our outer face is the sanitized effort by our Inner Child to hide our vulnerabilities and to show the world the best personality our Inner Child is willing to let be seen. 20. Both our inner and outer faces are vital tools our Inner Child needs to use to handle life experiences. 21. Every held thought and action we have about ourselves become reflective links to our Inner Child’s sense of safety and past held fears. 22. Each micro-voice that has developed protective mechanisms for our Inner Child holds onto these energies, and like a cocoon with each layer of protection filtering perceptions of the world around us, the more traumas held, the more skewed our perception of the world becomes. 23. We can intentionally communicate with our micro-voices through our soul and aware self to release held fears and return to our early childhood pure-skilled micro-voices once our Inner Child begins to feel safer and no longer feels a need for protection. 24. To release our fears we need to talk with each of our micro-voices asking them to discuss their held fears and traumatic experiences associated with the fears, to listen to what they want us to do as the adult to help our Inner Child feel safer, and then take steps to satisfy the concerns.

25. Moving into adulthood we often leave our Inner Child behind, and since our sense of self is developed during our childhood and our sense of self is the filter we see the world through and develop our life around, it is vitally important to consciously embrace and involve our Inner Child in our daily activities if we are to change the life patterns and thoughts that distress us. 26. Releasing our fears re-connects our Inner Child with the pure flow of energy we started life with, it is a full circle that brings us back into awareness of our universal connection to life-energies our Inner Child knew at our birth.


About US

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This blog has been a work of love developed over the past ten years and finally brought to life through the dedicated tech help by Soren, who was originally my physical therapist and now is a time-limited partner who managers two other martial arts training centers. Being an old gay guy I struggle to function well in the blog-a-sphere so this presentation will be a bit rough at first. Feel free to lend your ideas.


Since my teen years I have believed that through appropriate touch we can heal ourselves. But the journey to better understand my own dynamics and gain enough awareness to be able to write about our complex humanness only coalesced after I had an opportunity to be in prison. There I had time to do deep self-examinations about why I was who I am and how I could translate that into helping others make discoveries for themselves. I do not claim to be a professional therapist or counselor.


But I do believe there are others in this world who might benefit from these ideas presented in this blog platform. Having grown to the point of releasing nearly all of my fears and can now truly say that I love every moment and feel in partnership with my soul, I feel that others may benefit from my travels. Being non-judgmental I welcome your insights, whatever they may be, and I will strive to help everyone find greater peace in their lives. and Hoshow, LLC.


We'd love to get to know you better. Take a moment to say hi to the community in the comments.


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