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Inner Peace and Mindfulness

Here we provide mindfulness practices to help with the management of stress and releasing the fears of our micro-voices.

Book an Appointment

Hoshowlove members now have limited dates and times for one-on-one interactions with either KC or Soren, your choice.   The one-time Introductory Session is for 25 min. is free, but you can skip the free session if you prefer.  A Full 50 min. Session is $20? paid in advance to reserve your slot.   Each week there will be new open dates.  Use your preferred online name for your security to reserve your time slot.   Your email link will be hidden.  We will email you a reminder notice shortly before the session is to begin.  Discuss whatever is on your mind.  We are not therapists, but we can give you ideas for helping you sort out some of your most challenging thoughts, fears, and decisions.


Mindfulness Meditation

This is the first of our meditations, focused on regaining the control of your mind to help to smooth the chaotic waters of our consciousness.


Refuge Meditation

This is the second of our meditations, focused on building a sense of safety and refuge wherever you find yourself.


Childhood Meditation

This is the third of our meditations, focused on healing our inner child and coming to an understanding of our unified self, from past, to present, to the future we desire.


Transient Nature of Existence Meditation

This meditation is about accepting the issues that life presents you with and loving every moment as it truly is.


Strength Meditation

This meditation is to help you find your inner source of strength and recognize those who have helped you to be stronger in the past.


Intermediate Stages of Existence

This meditation is to help you understand the true nature of existence, as has been illustrated by the Dalai Lama through the Tibetan Book of the Dead.


LovingKindness Meditation

This meditation is to help you find love and kind compassion for all people, first of all yourself. The more people who spread love and kindness in their world, the better the world will be for all.

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