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The Struggle of Existence

Updated: Jan 24


good  and evil wrestle within

  1. All things are connected; according to the Big Bang Theory we all came from a single point and expanded outward. This single element was hydrogen.

  2. All things tend toward chaos and entropy without pressure to maintain a structure or order.

  3. Growth only occurs through meeting a challenge.

  4. Lessons can be learned from any change to the current paradigm, whether the lesson is about something to avoid or to continue. This includes experiencing a new perspective, victory, loss, or struggle.

  5. Harmony and peace require an input of energy.

  6. Mind is more real than the material. The same situation can be perceived in different ways, which changes the way one would react to it. Without a concept, a thing cannot be created from the universe. As one magnifies the lens upon which we perceive the material, there is more space than material and the diversity of existence comes about by the minute organization of it.

  7. If one does not stop an energy from you, it will continue to approach either yourself or others. An object in motion stays in motion until acted upon by another force. As such, standing one’s ground and defending oneself is necessary.

  8. Tribal organization provides a group and surrogates to provide energy to benefit the group as a whole, magnifying its power and distributing its benefits.

  9. Tribal organization isolates from other tribes, providing a them separate from us.

  10. One’s individual body, the house of the conscious perspective and universe, must be held as sacred for others if others can be expected to respect that boundary for oneself.

  11. Tribes are universally advantageous for the concentration of group power to either guide entropy or preserve group resilience to another form of chaos. Through direction of physicality and mentality by warfare or history and cultural records, surrogates to one’s power can be directed to precisely concentrate energy toward challenges to tribal harmony.

  12. People seek ease and novelty, and will sacrifice principles, energy, and others to achieve a greater security to maintain these states. It is only by the size and strength of the tribe that creates a limit to the goal, if one cannot achieve it alone.

  13. Most long lasting impacts require an action of multiple tribes of Spirit in unison to remain beyond our limited life. Even then, maintenance of that harmony with the world takes an input of energy.

  14. In order to have the greatest control over the manifestation of your perspective of the universe, action in the material to bring the spiritual into existence is best done with an uninhibited mind.

  15. All has a cycle of energy for preparation, action, and consequence. There is no beginning without an end. There is no diastolic without the systolic.


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This blog has been a work of love developed over the past ten years and finally brought to life through the dedicated tech help by Soren, who was originally my physical therapist and now is a time-limited partner who managers two other martial arts training centers. Being an old gay guy I struggle to function well in the blog-a-sphere so this presentation will be a bit rough at first. Feel free to lend your ideas.


Since my teen years I have believed that through appropriate touch we can heal ourselves. But the journey to better understand my own dynamics and gain enough awareness to be able to write about our complex humanness only coalesced after I had an opportunity to be in prison. There I had time to do deep self-examinations about why I was who I am and how I could translate that into helping others make discoveries for themselves. I do not claim to be a professional therapist or counselor.


But I do believe there are others in this world who might benefit from these ideas presented in this blog platform. Having grown to the point of releasing nearly all of my fears and can now truly say that I love every moment and feel in partnership with my soul, I feel that others may benefit from my travels. Being non-judgmental I welcome your insights, whatever they may be, and I will strive to help everyone find greater peace in their lives. and Hoshow, LLC.


We'd love to get to know you better. Take a moment to say hi to the community in the comments.


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