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We wish to help the world be a place filled with loving-kindness.  It is through an understanding of our own complex inner world of micro-voices that we can understand and heal those around us.  Please join us as a member and share as much of the diverse complexity of your inner life as you find awakened by the offerings of our soul we provide on this website.  


compassionate and healing hands

Random Thoughts

What if we had a way to release our fears, heal our wounded Inner Children, and create practical answers for our community problems?

Meditation of the Month

Transient Nature of Existence Meditation

This meditation is about accepting the issues that life presents you with and loving every moment as it truly is.  Sometimes we are focused on a difficult situation without recognizing that this too will pass.  Sometimes we don't appreciate and use the time that we have on this planet as we could.

Join us to brighten our world

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