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We wish to help the world be a place filled with loving-kindness.  It is through an understanding of our own complex inner world of micro-voices that we can understand and heal those around us.  Please join us as a member and share as much of the diverse complexity of your inner life as you find awakened by the offerings of our soul we provide on this website.  


compassionate and healing hands

Random Thoughts

What if we had a way to release our fears, heal our wounded Inner Children, and create practical answers for our community problems?

Meditation Practice

The above audio file has a full set of meditations beginning with mindfulness and moving through a connection with the earth, strength, lovingkindness, childhood, refuge, various natures of existence, and insight and intuition. This is meant to bring your attention to these aspects of your own life without prescriptions from the speaker, but guiding you toward your own discoveries. The videos below are shorter and more focused meditations along similar topics. May you all be well.

Refuge Meditation

This meditation is to help you find a place of safety and sanctuary within yourself. If you build that sense and clarify what they is like for you, then you can have a place of refuge anywhere you go.

Join us to brighten our world

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