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#35 - You Are Just A Bundle Of Energy, What Are You Going To Do With It?

Updated: Jan 11

By KC Johnson

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Energy flows out of us constantly affecting everything around us. We have control of the signature of that energy we are emitting into the universe through our thoughts. But our thoughts also affect every cell in our bodies constantly reshaping us to reflect the nature of our thoughts in to the universe.

It is unfathomable just how complicated our human bodies are. The processes going on at all times within our cells staggers our concept of numbers. Try to wrap your mind around what Paul Hawken describes in his amazing book Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History Is Restoring Grace, Justice, and Beauty to the World. “(pg. 170) A single bacterium cell, Escherichia coli, contains 2.4 million protein molecules of nearly 4,000 different types, 280 million small metabolite and ion molecules, 22 million lipids, a genome consisting of 4.6 million base pairs of nucleotides, and 40 billion water molecules, all packet into a cell whose diameter is one-hundredth the width of a strand of hair . . . Although we have identified the molecules in a single E. coli cell, we do not understand how they work together to create shape, reproduction, mentation, and purposeful behavior. When we take apart a cell, life disappears, because molecules are all we find . . . With 30,000 genes and 400 billion molecules, a single animal cell exceeds any Intel microprocessor in its prodigious computational breadth. Each cell simultaneously conducts millions of molecular processes involving trillions of atoms . . . The total amount of intra- and intercellular activity in just one human body is staggering: one septillion actions at any one moment--a one with twenty-four zeroes after it. In one second, our body has undergone ten times more processes than there are stars in the universe…” And we are clueless how it really works, what influences these processes, and what controls we have over these cell actions.

My assumption is that our thoughts that are bathing us with 'customized energy signatures' telling our cells to react to our deep sense-of-self-messaging to alter their interactions ever so slightly. Proverbs 23:7 states “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” (NKJV) I never realized how we sculpt our bodies with our thoughts until I started imagining what were the forces causing a person to stoop over, or to have backaches, or to become cancerous. I began to believe these aren’t physical actions that spontaneously happen within us.

The dominant opinions most people accept are that there are external forces causing our backs to ache, or chemicals and electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere distorting our cells, or life just happening that causes us to bend to the pressures of life. And indeed these external forces can have significant impact on our bodies. But my belief is that we don’t look deep enough, we ignore the more subtle causes that change us constantly.

Arguments that use re-occurring illnesses in a family as proof our health can be genetic or environmental never seem to take the next step and consider that we pass on self-thoughts to each other and our children. Our deepest self-images are the result of repeated messaging, usually by parents, that shape the self-image a child holds. A self-hating parent can only pass on that which is deeply felt. In a child’s lifetime, that self-image messaging can be imparted to the child innumerable times subtly crafting the child’s self-image.

This Is Where Things Get Too Hard For Most To Accept

Why do some people become ill ‘due to’ electromagnetic transmission line overhead while others do not? How come everyone does not get cancer considering how much toxic waste is being dumped into our atmosphere and water and food? I’ve known people who emotionally break at the slightest challenge while others are the rock for everyone to lean on through some horrible event.

Responses I’ve heard, and even believed for a time, usually attributed good genes, or good fortune, or that some people just have a harder time in life. Rarely have I heard anyone take full responsibility for their physical health. I have heard people admit that they are responsible for their thoughts, but I doubt they could realize just how encompassing that is with respect to affecting their physical health.

Back in the mid-1980s when I discovered Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” and began seeing how my thoughts were shaping my physical well-being, the light for me began to shine on my deepest self-thoughts. It was an ‘aha’ moment for me that continues to this day. Linking those early concepts with the belief in the energetic nature of even one cell within me is closing the circle between my thoughts, my manifesting my life path, and controlling the infinite processes going on inside me.

Over the next forty years I have had these concepts reinforced repeatedly when reading about Eastern healing approaches, by nearly all metaphysical authors such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain, Jane Roberts, and many others, and most importantly, within myself as my deep inner voice confirms the ‘truth’ of these concepts.

And as a round-about form of support, the ‘traditional Western medicine’ approach heartily denied every one of these as charlatan claims for healing. Of course they did. A medical system that is based on the profit motive will abhor any healing modality that actually heals, that doesn’t need to be treated for the patient’s lifetime. But even these staunch deniers are beginning to see the healing powers we hold within ourselves.

When we have not accepted the power we possess over our body’s condition, and when we find it difficult to believe that every thought we hold within our mind is the result of our Inner Child’s sense of self, and when we instead rely on some external forces causing us to be who we are, then we are truly lost in this world, untethered to the beings were are meant to be. Life does not have to be a total mystery. Being clueless is probably the scariest place to be, feeling out of control is not a comfortable way to face life.

For the moment imagine what being in control could feel like.

What if our real world is based on our taking full responsibility for our actions, our relationships with others, our body’s physical well-being, and our deepest inner-self thoughts about our being exactly where we need to be at every moment? What does loving every moment really mean? Imagine holding no judgments, no fears, being at peace with every moment that comes your way, being a vibrant part of the universe's energetic flow, and belonging right here, right now.

My sense is that anyone changing their self-image beliefs can alter the physical course of their life. This is how we can break the cycle of health outcomes. Consider the abundant number of affirmations we casually hear often, like ‘just think good thoughts,’ or ‘a smile can heal anything,’ or ‘love is all you need,’ or as mentioned above, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” However, we don’t accept messages we hear that don’t fit the self-image we hold on to that we see as our ‘true self.’

As many times as I have heard these affirmations since my 20s, it still took until my 60s to really understand and internalize the power of their meaning for me. That is when I started releasing enough of my deeply held fears that shaped my self-image. My inner little boy stopped believing that he was unlovable, even though I had heard others say they loved me many times. My little boy didn’t believe it. It took me years of consciously re-connecting with my lost and lonely Inner Child who I had left behind in adulthood to begin convincing my ‘mini-me’ to let go of his protective beliefs and behaviors.

This was the point when I, and my inner little boy, truly began reclaiming my powerful self and started believing those affirmations. I finally could understand on a visceral level what Louise Hay was writing about. The sense of freedom and internal peace was exhilarating, and it still is today. I am still discovering the depth of my power to affect my physical world, but a huge hurdle was overcome once I let go of the fears, stopped believing the early-life messaging my little boy-self hung on to, and began including my little boy in my adult life thoughts.

Another revelation began developing within my thoughts about my energetic nature and the universe of energies. What if love is another term for the pure flow of energy! From childhood we are busy creating energy dams that use judgment to block and defend against fears our Inner Child is perceiving. Judgment is only a tool that blocks the pure flow of energy. By loving every moment we are releasing our held-fears. This opens our doors to tapping into the universe of thoughts, of healing, of happiness, and most importantly, of healing other energetic beings in need. After all, our fragile planet is just an extension of how we view our fragile selves, and it is pretty obvious that we have a very poor understanding of the affect our Inner Child self-image has on our planet.

So the question needs to be asked once again, “What are you going to do with your incredibly powerful bundle of swirling energies that make you who you are?”

Recognizing that you are an important component of our universe of energetic entities walking around in this world means you are playing an important role in this life. The challenges you have endured are just part of the curing process preparing you for greater things to come. Just by your persistence to still be reading this collection of ideas means you have made strides for re-claiming those powers drained out of you in childhood.

This is a never ending process for self-growth, there is no there. As long as we inhabit these bodies we have more to learn, more work to be done helping each other, and more work to be done unburdening our planet of the disastrous consequences of our abusive actions. We follow professions that reflect how our fragile Inner Child feels about itself, and we can only be abusive in our behaviors and decisions towards others when we are abusive towards ourselves. Every moment we are reflecting some aspect of our deepest self-image created by our Child. Our task is to help unburden the fears our Child has been carrying. This is the source of love.

The universe needs every one of us to love every moment. It needs us to connect on an energetic level to synchronize with each other to restore our planet’s pure vibrational state. Humans are not supposed to be a cancerous organism destroying the life-giving balance of nature’s energies. We squander the powers we possess for healing when we wallow in our judgments, fears, and selfish needs. We are meant to provide healing to those who are trapped in their judgments and Inner Child protective cocoons. Held thoughts that create dis-ease are signs we are out of balance and it is the responsibility of all of us restore that survivability balance. - kc


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