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#5 - Techniques To Identify Our Micro-Voices (part 3)

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

There are dozens of techniques that can provide healing for our traumatized micro-voices. Those discussed here are recommended for their ease of use when just beginning to explore our voice identities. Even more advanced techniques can work wonders for us though more effort is required.

My first attempt to ease my confused mind started by simply talking to myself both out loud and within my mind. Not understanding the nature of dominant micro-voices back then resulted in having long harangues against perceived threats while I was in prison. My warrior voice role-played me facing down menacing foes for many months. Later, I discovered my minor voices also wanting to speak out about their fears too. My long walks around the track gave me time to engage with minor voices wanting to be heard.

When I added journaling and writing to describe my other voice entities, my progress increased significantly. The advantage of writing to describe situations is it helps prevent repeating over and over dominant voice talking points. Our minor voices want to be heard and writing seems to provide the openings they need to safely express their concerns. My little boy voice did not feel safe in that place, and even though my warrior played the role of the protector, the powerless feeling my little boy felt kept him fearful.

As I wrote other minor voices appeared, all seeming to work in concert to find ways to avoid conflict, develop friendships, and begin the process for self-improvement. That place was a wonderful experience giving me the space to re-evaluate every aspect of my life. Even at that time ten years ago I began formulating the blogging site concept I’m using now.

Twenty years earlier I took some classes on Voice Dialoguing where I discovered some of the tools I’ll be recommending in this blog. Be patient with yourself as you start down this path, it may take some time finding the footing you need to make the progress you are wanting to make. Our micro-voices are like an onion with many years of emotional layering that needs to be pealed away. Those layers are there to help us survive. The voices release those held energies when they feel safe and are sincerely heard.

Some people use their art talents to find their micro-voices. Acting, being a reader of metaphysical books, talking with aware friends, and simply meditating on seeking answers about where our fears started, these are all extremely helpful. Even using a mirror looking deeply into our eyes can provide important clues. Just keep seeking answers to the source of your fears by following the threads of clues you will discover. And answers will appear when you least expect. Our soul will provide the needed experience and we just need to be prepared to learn from the opportunities.

Keep asking your aware self for help and you will be presented with the clues and answers you need. Engage in conversations with your voices during quiet times. They know the truths we seek so be patient as they learn to trust sharing those painful experiences. Avoid judging whatever the voices want to share with you. Treat each micro-voice like an intimate friend and you will begin receiving many insights about your past. - kc

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Nov 05, 2022

There is a meditation practice that consists of bringing attention to some moment in our childhood where we feel most as though we were behaving as our aware self. We try to observe that moment and clear up all the details. Then we narrow down to what it is about that moment that is appealing to our aware self and seek to find a manner in our adulthood where we can also bring that back into our lives.


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