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#15 - Mother Nature Is Correcting Our Human Imbalances

Updated: Jan 11

by KC Johnson

Buildings over-grown by ivy
Whole man-made communities get absorbed by plants as Mother Nature seeks to re-establish balances.

Mother Nature is a living system that will evolve in time with solutions to correct the imbalances. These corrections can be exceedingly subtle and sometimes seem unconnected to the problems we think need addressing. At other times Nature can exact brutal revenge for human actions in the name of re-balancing the energy scales.

Our human arrogance often misses these subtle changes taking place until they can’t be ignored by us. And we especially miss the changes taking place when it involves our actions. But Nature doesn’t forget to correct our arrogant actions, she will always seek balance.

The Toll We Are Exacting On Ourselves

According to The Future We Don’t Want analysts at, by 2050 there may be 800 million people and 570 cities struggling to adjust to rising sea levels due to ice melt at our poles and the glaciers on our highest mountains. And the problem isn’t just too much water causing rising sea levels, it’s also not enough water on our lands we over populate. Half a billion people already face severe water scarcity all year round, and by 2025, two-thirds of the world population could be under water stressed conditions.

Drought now affects 2/3 of the United States according to National Integrated Drought Information System with nearly 30% of the US experiencing moderate to exceptional drying conditions. There just isn’t enough water to go around! Watering lawns, using inefficient and illegal farming and industrial water usage, not designing homes and businesses to capture and reuse the water we have, and waiting for de-salination to become financially profitable makes all of us vulnerable to the next major drying period. It’s not rocket science to figure out, it’s simply blind ignorance and a lack of will to address problems intelligently.

The average person eats at least 50,000 particles of microplastics a year and breathes in a similar quantity, according to the first study to estimate human ingestion of plastic pollution according to The Guardian. That is equal to eating a credit card every two weeks, 100 credit cards each year. And where do all of those micro-plastic particles go? Into our bodies affect our health, brains, appearance, and longevity. We are literally poisoning ourselves with plastic.

Here’s a pretty crazy hypothesis…

that I’m sure will invite some very strong reactions for readers to consider. The anti-vaxxer mindset results in a disproportionately high number of its group getting sick and dying; this is not a random occurrence and it is not an indictment against those who refuse. The question then becomes, what is the role Mother Nature plays in this process?

Could it be that these mindsets are held by people who have an unconscious death wish because they hold a low concern for themselves and for others, and maybe also, that they believe they have little to give to others. I know this is a stretch but consider these thoughts.

Nature culls out organisms that cause destructive imbalances, and those humans among us who are resistant to change and positive growth become liabilities to other organisms. Unconscious self-destructive thoughts could be viewed as poor self-worth issues, refusal to do independent thinking, blindly accepting other people’s views, avoiding research, and accepting beliefs that do damage to healthy natural systems.

This is not unlike the destruction of the rainforests unleashing new viruses and organisms that then take a toll on the populations with reduced rainfall worldwide, degraded air quality, and the disappearance of indigenous people with their diverse genome. It is always a cascading process with micro-level effects affecting every aspect of our planet’s life cycle.

It’s The Butterfly Effect!

Or the continued uses of petroleum by-products that release toxic vapors and micro-plastics affecting our ability to survive health issues. Nature is culling out a portion of our populations and if we continue to ignore our damaging actions, then Nature will up the ante by eliminating even more of us. She is trying to get our attention, or she can destroy us. It’s our choice.

A behavior that doesn’t strengthen and extend a species’ ability to survive becomes a species extinguishing characteristic.

At the core of this hypothesis is the need to give our species a well-developed sense of self that prepares individual members to be willing to explore and improve upon our living environment. Could Mother Nature infecting the negative, fearful, doubters among us be an extinguishing consequence? Thought patterns can work to reduce our survivability -- or extend it.

Of course, Mother Nature does not use a scalpel to cull out the negative-energy-people among us, but instead uses a broad brush that can eliminate swaths of people, even those who hold healthy views, or seemingly so. This broad brush approach can also do harm to people who got their vaccines but were unhealthy in other ways. Having self-thoughts that are negative, judgmental, and not fully loving can trigger many ‘natural’ health responses that weaken our human bodies. What we believe, we conceive, and nothing happens without a reason.

Our healthiest approach to maintaining a strong, vibrant body is holding strong vibrant beliefs about ourselves unencumbered by judgment and fears. The placebo effect has proved repeatedly that the thoughts we hold about our state of health has as much or more positive effects than the drugs and therapies we rely upon.

There have been hundreds of self-healing books going back centuries describing the power our thoughts have over our bodies. But we are scoffed at by medical ‘professionals’, the drug companies, and a slew of skeptics not ready to delve into their own self-explorations for the source of their own dysfunctional thoughts.

But there is little money to be made promoting self-healing thoughts, and we all know this is a profits-only driven world, self-healing be damned!

As we continue building our cities in flood zones, Nature will continue teaching us how our greed and short-foresightedness will backfire with with increasingly catastrophic Katrina-like flooding disasters.

The question is, “How do we turn our self-destructive species behaviors around?” Our species is well-versed in examining problems, describing in detail the effects of system breakdowns, judging consequences, and telling others how they need to change their behaviors. What virtually never gets discussed is how we make changes at our most fundamental levels, the releasing of our Inner Child’s fears that are at the root of our behavior patterns.

The term ‘personal responsibility’ is bandied around, but there seems to be scant understanding about how to do the healing.

If we are to change our destructive decision-making patterns we must do the difficult work of exposing ourselves to the traumas we all experience during our formative years. This is more than just re-living past experiences although that is a starting point.

An effective tool for exploring our fears is writing about the feelings we have. If we are judging others and ourselves, then we are allowing our traumas to skew our view of our world of experiences. Our Inner Child creates barriers to protect it from feeling vulnerable. By writing and using other self-expressive tools we can help our child let go of those fears and begin seeing life without constantly judging. It’s the most freeing experience we can have.

When we release our fears we discover how to accept ourselves fully, to love our ability to affect change around us. Loving every moment is a catch-phrase that is a pathway to connecting to the universal energies flowing through everything. It becomes easy to respond to situations without judgment, selfish actions, or protective behaviors.

Our planet literally feeds off of the energies we hold for ourselves. As we become more loving our ‘personal responsibility’ quotient strengthens and attracts other loving people. It becomes easier to change our thinking and behaviors to heal others around us.

At the most fundamental level we have to be fully nurtured. This is when our sense of self blueprint for the rest of our life is developed. Appropriate touch and hugging well into a child’s life are critical and are probably the most important nurturing actions parents most often withhold.

This is especially important for male children who grow up to manipulate others as a distorted way for trying to reclaim and absorb feeling love, the most vital method for developing a sense of self. Without this healthy sense of self we lose the ability to develop compassion for others, and for ourselves, including for our environment filled with life the life force of all kinds.

Nurturing also means allowing our children the space to express themselves honestly, trying out new ideas, changing their look and thoughts as a way to discovering true self. Children forced to adopt a parent’s values and points of view become adults lost without their own foundation they can rely upon. Parents believe they are doing their children a service my molding them into capable adults, but the opposite actually happens.

We have to create our own identities and value systems to be fundamentally strong. This way we develop a foundation strong in our own beliefs as opposed to a shifting foundation based on the beliefs everyone else has prescribed for us to believe.

Children raised in cultures closely tied to the land grow up appreciating life. They have an intimate relationship with the natural energies. The land breathes through them. But children confined to city life or given sterile environments grow up feeling little appreciation for the life within their planet.

Children needs to learn the wonders of growing plants, observing bugs, and feeling the sensory delights found in backyard gardens and everywhere in wild nature.

Every child needs experiencing loamy dirt on the hands, smelling brisk morning air in the quiet woods or open spaces, listening to the cacophony of wildlife talking to each other, and getting to experience the cute creepy-crawly critters scurrying through the leaves. These are the sources of earth energies we need to experience at a fundamental level if we are to grow a sense of connection with these life energies.

For parents and adults our Inner Child never grows tired of this earth appreciation once it has been well established, and we need to replenish our own earth energy batteries throughout our life by getting these same visceral earth-energy experiences.

Helping others is a vital component for our own healing process. Well nurtured children will naturally want to help others, rescue animals, and dream big plans to improve their world. Even a child programmed to be an athlete, musician, or any other intense activity needs to be conscious of helping and healing others and their planet. And a raised with a healthy connection to living organisms will be less likely to abuse wildlife beyond maybe some innocent experiments like collecting bugs or burning things with a magnified lens.

“Give and ye shall receive.” -- a biblical truism as relevant today as ever.

Not everyone needs to commit to being an ecologist or marine biologist. We do need to develop a deep appreciation for the life force our planet provides us with and be willing to act to make improvements in ways that we are able to commit to.

Helping and healing others develops our self-identity in healthy ways. We actually reclaim our personal powers to affect our surroundings when we reach out to others or restore our environment. Too many of us are not whole inside, we haven’t discovered the feeling of empowerment when helping others. Yet it is a most simple step to take….just reach out and genuinely help without trying to manipulate or coerce.

A check list that helps us heal our planet:

1. Nurture, nurture, nurture all children fully including holding, hugging, giving appropriate touching as permitted by the children, giving the child space to practice decision-making and making mistakes, and expressing their true identity to develop a healthy sense of self.

2. Do the same thing for adults, our own Inner Child needs to feel accepted and loved throughout our adult life as well.

3. Nature, nature, nature -- all children and adults need to experience the natural world at a visceral level, especially during the childhood ages.

4. Give of one’s self by helping at-risk peoples, volunteering with organizations doing good in the community, and helping us repair our fragile and damaged environment.

5. All adults, and even older aware youth, can heal from traumas by writing about the past experiences giving the Inner Child an opportunity to release the held feelings as a way to let go of judgment, fears, and self-doubt that are at the root of manipulative behaviors, and become open to loving every moment.

This isn’t rocket science, it only requires taking some actions to heal our fragile Inner Child from the acquired fears. Visualize how we became traumatized, assure our Inner Child that as adults we still love its vital presence in our daily life, and reach out to others to lend a compassionate hand. The consequence of following the steps is we discover a deeper happiness than we have ever experienced. It takes courage to expose our fears, but the benefits are exhilarating as we love every moment. - kc


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