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#1 - Micro-Voices Concept

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

#Micro-voices seem to be ellusive but are valuable concepts for understanding our many selves

We are meant to be loving, happy, and fully involved in the vast experiences constantly coming to us. But somehow that scenario gets sidetracked in childhood and most of us experience fears, traumas, and self-doubt about our place in this world.

This is going to be a different take on how our personalities develop.

Each one of us is filled with a complex set of unique tools our Inner Child creates for surviving its childhood that are overlaid with emotional energies that shape how we interact with our environment.

When we are born, we become immersed in learning from others the values and behaviors needed for interacting with other people. Our teachers often have not resolved their own life traumas and are reflecting to us their fears, their views they adopted from others before them, and their understanding about what it means to nurture a child.

Not only are we learning how to move, talk, and think using our core tools, but we also must learn how to survive and make sense of the actions and behaviors used by everyone we encounter. And we are virtually helpless to control our earliest circumstances. We begin learning our functioning skills, referred to in this blog as our pure micro-voices. These skills become our tools allowing us to use our bodies as we encounter the physically painful experiences we learn through trial-and-error practice as we fall, bump into objects, poke ourselves in the eye, discover hard spoons and strange toys.

These are the experiences that teach us our motor and thinking skills and with enough practice we become proficient at walking, climbing, running, throwing, and all the hyperactive joys we become capable of doing. This is the fundamental part of our being that we can learn to control allowing us to analyze and negotiate new experiences.

But we also must enter the very complicated world of human interactions filled with emotions, expectations, and values. Our pure physical-skills-micro-voices that allow us to walk and throw are ill-prepared to handle the emotions of anger coming from others, or the privation from not being held and nurtured nearly enough, or the lack of attention we feel when we want food or a dry diaper. So many confusing interactions with others who are also confused about their own needs.

We begin to develop fears that our world in not safe. As we endure prolonged fearful experiences, we begin developing new survival skills. Now we must defend ourselves from unseen forces that are often out of our control. It seems our Inner Child tasks our pure micro-voices with protecting it from these unsafe experiences.

These are the fear energies that we internalize creating a variety of micro-voice personalities tuned to helping us survive the perceived threats. Our pure unadulterated physical life-skill-micro-voices begin developing responses to the emotional energies being experiences. This distorts our innocence of youthful wonder about the world as our pure micro-voices now have to provide emotional protections for our Inner Child. These physical abilities and emotional perceptions become the basis for a wide range of micro-personalities, each one playing an important role in our survival needs. - kc

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05 nov 2022

The hormonal response to fear we have springs from survival instincts. With the padding that the modern world provides, our instinctual response to emotional damage in our childhood can have extreme impacts on our day to day life far into the future. So can the practices of rearing a child in a non-traumatizing way.

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