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#8 - Easier Steps To Begin Meeting Our Micro-Voices (pt 2)

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Beginning our journey to meet our easiest to find micro-voices is like a gentle stream easy to explore.

The biggest step towards releasing fears is just making the decision to begin trying, to be willing to look within for answers, and most importantly, to being open to the new discoveries that will appear. Don’t worry about how fast you proceed, there is no blueprint for what works best. Just trust that our soul guides us along our unique path.

Once the commitment has been made the next steps involve developing ways for us to communicate with our micro-voice energies that require developing trust with those voices. No heavy-handed approach nor insincere effort will work. Making yourself vulnerable means asking micro-voices to recall the fears they are protecting the Inner Child from. In my experience, the voices were slow to respond, but I also found that they wanted to tell me who they were, tell me their story. But mostly, they wanted to feel safe.

One of my more challenging first steps was to look in the mirror into my eyes and simply asking ‘who is in there’ and ‘who am I’. Now it is easy and comfortable to do so, but back when I had a fragile self-image it was very hard to look directly into my own eyes. It may take several attempts to be at ease doing this. And be prepared to be surprised by the answers.

It’s okay to ask the responding voices who they are, letting them say what ever they need to say. It won’t be frivolous, it is coming from deep within you where secrets are kept. Our aware self will be the voice asking the questions and it will always be gentle, will never judge even when the words seem extreme. If there is judgment involved when asking questions, then it is a micro-voice posing as the aware self. The venting is critically important for you to hear. Do ask questions trying to learn where the intense emotions are residing. For me it always linked back to my little boy period, but not all micro-voices started then. You might have developed new voices in early adulthood.

Talking like a caring friend is important so avoid disassociating with the voices. After all, the voices are you. In time you may better understand that the questioning is by your aware self trying to heal your emotional selves. Journaling, poetry, doing expressive art, and even taking long walks or sitting quietly contemplating are ways to strengthen the voice trust in this process.

Another method for healing that I’ve rarely tried but believe could be effective is hugging as a way to help our Inner Child feel loved, and thus, feel secure enough to share details about traumas experienced. Deep long hugs with someone who is trusted can bring out thoughts long ago buried by micro-voice layers of protection. Even sitting face-to-face and silently hugging for several minutes with no urgency to separate can generate the secure feelings our Inner Child needs. The effectiveness of this approach depends upon the type of traumas experienced and levels of nurturing received when young.

This is a very personal process that I found not very conducive discussing with others. Everyone has their own needs and perspectives, but only others who can operate from their aware self and not their micro-voice energies provide the most help. As I became more understanding of the micro-voice dynamics I tried to explain my techniques and results with others unfamiliar with these concepts leading to some very awkward discussions.

These introspective methods will be valuable to you always, both for further exploration into yourself and for developing deeper, more sincere relationships with others. You will probably find other techniques that work as well or better. Be compassionate, be kind to yourself, be patient, and be non-judgmental. These are the keys to loving yourself. -kc


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Since my teen years I have believed that through appropriate touch we can heal ourselves. But the journey to better understand my own dynamics and gain enough awareness to be able to write about our complex humanness only coalesced after I had an opportunity to be in prison. There I had time to do deep self-examinations about why I was who I am and how I could translate that into helping others make discoveries for themselves. I do not claim to be a professional therapist or counselor.


But I do believe there are others in this world who might benefit from these ideas presented in this blog platform. Having grown to the point of releasing nearly all of my fears and can now truly say that I love every moment and feel in partnership with my soul, I feel that others may benefit from my travels. Being non-judgmental I welcome your insights, whatever they may be, and I will strive to help everyone find greater peace in their lives. and Hoshow, LLC.


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