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#14 - Challenge Our Thoughts, Release Our Fears, Find Love - It’s That Simple!

Updated: Jan 11

by KC Johnson If only it was that simple.

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Limits we create are the most difficult to remove

Each step to finding love can take many years and untold numbers of experiences to learn how to make real progress. Yet that is the process we need to make to discover real happiness. It’s not meant to be easy. The discovery that leads to change is the most challenging and critical part of our self-healing.

Change means unwinding years of learned emotional energies we hold on to while protecting our fragile Inner Child from real and perceived fears. Like a jar filled with ball bearings every time one is removed from deep within, all of those above have to make slight adjustments. Our micro-voices that are holding on to their protective energies will change and grow, but they do so slowly.

Getting out of the way of my old self was tough.

Way back in my 30s I began exploring why I couldn’t find a loving mate, probably not any different than what most people reading this have gone through. But even more, I was wanting to untangle my convoluted thoughts that conflicted with my attempts to love life.

There were so many obstacles! Work became an excuse to keep my head down. My weird anti-authority views narrowed my options for not just finding another person to share my life with but for building financial security and stability. And my fragile little boy kept his protective barriers up making it difficult to develop genuine relationships.

Eventually I did find a special person, but I could not release the baggage of my beliefs that included lots of judgment, self-doubt, and my secret weirdness. My staunchly held views made me too inflexible to adjust to sharing a life with another person.

That shaky relationship became the starting point for self-exploration in new directions. My partner developed HIV and we began reading about New Age healing ideas from Louise Hay, Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and many others. The Harmonic Convergence for world sanity was a huge event in August, 1987 that grabbed my sense of possible wholeness and connections to the greater universe rather than just my inner world.

The more I searched the more doors opened for me, each leading in my ultimate direction of finally releasing the fears that anchored me to my fearful past experiences.

The further back in my life I went the more I began discovering that I created my energy blockages. The more unwinding I did, the more adjustments the rest of my other micro-voices had to resolve. I realized that I created all of my energy blockages and I could release them.

We are 100% responsible for the thoughts we hold on to and we have total ability to redesign our inner landscape.

Even though it’s not easy it is accomplished many times over as we mature as we experience life events. If we focus our energies on releasing our fears we will experience the healing events we need to for discovering how to really love. In turn we will start experiencing the loving universe giving us opportunities to be loved. That’s just part of the laws of energy the universe is trying to get us to understand.

Practice using blocked energy releasing techniques to allow our judgmental emotional energy dams to dissolve. Our thoughts are the key and changing our thought patterns, even when ever so slightly changed, begin the process for significant re-calibration of our attitudes and course corrections leading to a more loving life.

Whether we talk to ourselves, or talk with others, or just write down our changing thoughts. We can generate the change process to unlock our layers of judgments and fears. Actors, artists, teachers, writers, healers, care givers, and many more expressive people are in the process of healing themselves. They may not realize that the choices they make are also the steps needed to discover how to love themselves.

Examine what expressive directions we tend to gravitate towards and we will see a path to self-discovery. Just keep exploring and keep listening to that deep inner voice our soul speaks to us through. We will keep receiving experiences and lessons we most need to learn from. There is no one path. We need to trust ourselves, our ability to tap into the voices of our soul and our universal guides.

Be wary of following the lives of ‘gurus’ who profess ‘The Way’. Their path is not our path. Each of us is unique and our winding path teaches us ‘our’ lessons. We can read about their journeys and glean new insights for ourselves but immersing ourselves in their journey short circuits our progress.

Fortunately for me my inner drive for independent thinking kept me from blindly following others. In hindsight I can see how important it was to have the experiences I was having. The agonizing nights trying to figure out why I felt the way I did, why the ‘right’ person wasn’t showing up in my life, and why it was taking so long to get things figured out just had to happen in the sequences that they did.

Those agonizing moments marinated my thinking strengthening me, shaped my character, and provided me with the emotional tools I need today. Seemingly interminable months and years of fog were exactly what I needed. Perhaps all of us have to spend time in the fog figuring out how to disperse it.

Believing in our selves is the fastest way to deep self-discovery.

We are way more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. At every moment we are connected to the universe of loving energies directing us to love every moment. We have powers way beyond our simple day-to-day experiences. The blinders we wear prevent us from so many self and universal discoveries. We are brimming with possibilities and abilities to connect with the energies of others, with universal forces that far surpass our wildest imaginings.

Once we realize this about ourselves we can begin hearing our inner voice guiding us. It’s all very exciting once we begin experiencing these revelations happening to us. It starts with releasing our fears and it ends with discovering incredible peace and happiness. No matter how many lifetimes it takes, we will get there. That’s just how the universe works. Just keep at it, keep dissolving fears and keep freeing the true powers our Inner Child holds for us. - kc


Apr 11, 2023

Individual behavior is honest and will rise to the fore after one has traveled one's past regardless, but while it would find the most fitting love, it doesn't help attract every love.

KC Johnson
KC Johnson
Apr 11, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, SG, for your thoughts. The path we follow is pretty mystifying when viewed from our micro-voice perspectives. We don't know why that perfect love interest does not connect with us even though we inject all of our positive energies and heart into our interactions with that person. What we often miss is the path our soul is helping us explore. We may need to experience other lessons that will prepare us for that ideal love. Our timeline is our lifetime and we need to learn what we can from each of these relationships that ready us for the next one. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair how things work out, but learning to not judge our experien…


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