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#44 - My Revelations Reading Norman Paulsen's book, ‘The Christ Consciousness’

Updated: Jan 11

by KC Johnson

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One of my most unexpected discoveries from reaching a point of loving every moment has been a seeming ease of hearing my aware self be my guide as I write for this blog. It becomes more apparent all the time that my aware self is the conduit voice for my soul and for other universal messaging that guide my thoughts. No longer are these concepts coming to the page tangled and incomprehensible scribbles. Books I had read ten years ago that left me with as many questions as answers now are more easily understood.

That is the case for ‘The Christ Consciousness’ by Norman Paulsen which I highly recommend if you can find it. Loaned to me by my business partner, Soren, from this blog, I found that Norman Paulsen’s revelations can be totally normal for a person in this life. We are constantly connected to the universal consciousness energies and yet we seldom get glimpses of those energies.

When a person who is not connected to their inner aware self voice who has these revelations, they might call it magic, or some weird thoughts. If you do have a spontaneous insight, be open to the possibility that you are in dialogue with your soul. The more you listen for the message, the better you will become with the dialogue. And remember that your soul never comes from a place of judgment, only loving support. If you are hearing a judgmental voice speaking to you, then know that it is coming from your outer micro-voices that can be a sneaky manipulators.

My constant reminder while reading about Paulsen's journey on Earth was that my journey was not like his. My life role seems to be one of developing easy-to-understand concepts about our Inner Child energies, the creation of micro-energies by our Child for protection from traumas, and making a link between our outer world micro-voices and the inner world of our aware self and our soul. By no means am I saying my views are unique, they have been expressed many, many times before going back millenniums.

I am just another voice attempting to express the soul voice for healing to those who resonate with the message. Many of you are even more articulate than I am and I encourage you to add your energies to healing those who will resonate with your unique voice. We all need to find our level of conscious awareness as we follow of our unique path. As you discover your ultimate life purpose to love every moment without fear, judgment, and doubt about who you are your inner voice will grow stronger and clearer.

My intention is to uncomplicate your understanding about your Inner Child, the emotional energies you created that I call your micro-voices, and the need to be in partnership with your soul. Your ultimate life purpose is to love every moment and to recognize that your soul presents you with a myriad of daily experiences to help you fulfill that purpose. As you release the traumatic energies being held by your micro-voices you become able to hear your own aware self provide you with guidance.

The messaging found in ‘The Christ Consciousness’ seems to resonate with me, but many of you who hold other perspectives will find your own nuggets for your spiritual growth. After all, we are gurus for each other and you can find your teacher anywhere just as you are a teacher for someone else. You are encouraged to share those ideas with our members. The road to self-healing starts with a willingness to explore your deepest thoughts, and then learning to listen to your aware self for what truths come through for you. - kc

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Sep 27, 2023

While being open to the universal consciousness of the world allows us to be more aware of our connections to others, a challenge can be to avoid allowing our micro-voices to color this shared spirit with defensiveness. Listening for our truth in others helps to establish that connection from soul to soul.


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Since my teen years I have believed that through appropriate touch we can heal ourselves. But the journey to better understand my own dynamics and gain enough awareness to be able to write about our complex humanness only coalesced after I had an opportunity to be in prison. There I had time to do deep self-examinations about why I was who I am and how I could translate that into helping others make discoveries for themselves. I do not claim to be a professional therapist or counselor.


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