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#43 - Like The Mushroom We Can Thrive Off The Energy Of All That Is Around Us

Updated: Oct 20

by KC Johnson

Pixabay - Mushrooms are great recyclers returning much of the dead material like leaves and detritus found in forests back into healthy soil.

We live in a symbiotic relationship with all energies around us. Each of us is integrally linked with all other energy aspects in our world. Even when we feel disassociated from others and from the life we are living we remain in an important connection with others. It’s unavoidable.

When the energies around us seem harmful and destructive we need to realize that we do have the abilities to change our circumstances by changing our thoughts. The ideas we hold will open us up to change-of-direction paths. Or they can reinforce our existing path by attracting similar experiences we referred to as being in a rut. These are our intentions, if only subconsciously intended, that we have control over. They are powerful forces that determine the directions our lives will follow as long as we put our energy into them with our beliefs.

Intentions Reflect Our Deepest Thoughts

Likely, these intentions are keyed to our inner fears, self-doubts, strengths, and secret desires. Sometimes we may not even be aware of these deep thoughts such as doubting our abilities or believing we are lovable enough to attract a special person. These thoughts can cause us to develop barriers affirming our self-doubt and reinforcing our behaviors and experiences.

But these deep thoughts can also focus on not judging our darker selves, and instead focusing on the powers and strengths we can identify. Not only can we change our path direction, but we can attract complimentary energies beyond us that support our new intentions. Never discount the power of our thoughts, that is the key to everything about us. That is the point of this article, we are responsible for everything about our lives, we are the force that determines our physical being, our experiences, and our direction. Our intentions are ever-present and shape the way we create ourselves. Thomas R. Verny M.D. in Psychology Today wrote about the power of thought in his article Exploring the Nature of Mind Over Matter:

Key points

· Human vibrational energy; words, spoken or written, feelings and music, affect the molecular structure of water.

· Similarly, words carrying an emotional charge affect every cell, tissue, and organ of one's body.

· Hypnosis has been successfully used to treat individuals suffering from chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and PTSD.

· Psychotherapists have successfully used hypnosis in the service of age regression and the uncovering of past traumas.

We create new circumstances for ourselves by changing our thoughts even very slightly. Re-setting our intentions and our direction starts with subtle changes in our thought as we develop a clearer view of what we want. Even small affirmations can cascade into real change. Our energies seem to attract similar energies reflecting our desires and visualized thoughts.

Imagine the behaviors we see in others who live in the surroundings we want. Then watch the people we see modeling the behaviors and experiences we want. Imagine the future we see having for ourselves with these desired realities. These become our powerful intentional energies. As long as we are clear about what we are asking for and remain patient letting the pieces fall into place we will start the changes in our lives to achieve these intentions.

To intensify a desired personal energy we can purposefully associate with others who reflect what we want. Sometimes we are not even aware of what we are unintentionally asking for. Holding subconscious judgmental self-worth ideas about who we are may not seem true to our surface self-identity ideas, but within we repeatedly reinforce these negative thoughts that override some other desired outcome. We can focus on creating unwanted results when we hold ideas, even deep within us, that have unintended consequences. So be sure of what is asked for. If we haven’t fully considered the consequences of our desires when they are fulfilled, or if we have focused on our ‘negative side,’ then the results will likely magnify our dissatisfaction with what we have created. When that happens, just re-calibrate the thoughts to forge a new course. The power of our thoughts work in all directions. They can only reflect the type of energy we give these thoughts.

Pixabay -- Ice crystals seem to change shape based on the energy of thought applied to them. We Can Even Affect the Shape of Water Crystals

A scientist from Japan, Masaru Emoto, has been examining the effects of thought on frozen water crystals. It’s very interesting and his research gives us an idea of the power of our thoughts. Water exposed to a word like love or hate or friend or fear or peace changes the structure of that water when it is flash-frozen. The ice crystals for positive energy thoughts develop into beautiful and symmetrical designs regardless of the language used. It is the intention behind the word that affects the water. Even when the word is taped to a glass of water there will be a significant difference in the water crystal structure.

A violent word makes water crystals become distorted and ragged looking. These experiments have been repeated many, many times with similar results. Even polluted water will accentuate the positive or negative thought energies taped to the glass. What would these energies do to us if they were held 24/7 within our thoughts? What do they do to the people around us who are subjected to our constant intentional energies? Are we healing them or harming them?

We are part of a complex web of flowing energies that are sustained by energy coming from others around us, as well as the energies coming from the Earth and it’s life forms, from Universal forces, and of course, from within our own thoughts. We are nothing but energy, that is our power. When intentionally focused, it can give us amazing results. The only real question is, “How do we focus our energetic abilities?”

We have truly amazing powers within us to affect not only our own lives, but the energy balances of everything around us. When we are sullen and depressed we emit energies all around us affecting all other organisms from the micro-organisms to the people we live with, and in small ways, we even affect the Earth’s energetic health. When we feel a love for every moment, feel alive and happy, and want to be a healing force, we will be just that. We heal this world in ways we can barely understand and our intentional thoughts can be the most powerful force of all. - kc

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