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#2 - Micro-Voices Are Helping Us Survive

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

#Micro-voices like these children help each other and their Inner Child negotiate their world of experiences

In an ideal world children grow up being held, nurtured, listened to, treated with patience and respected for the unique individuals they are. And that ideal attention results in pure micro-voices that are well suited for exploring self-abilities, learning about the world, and interacting lovingly with others. For most of us there has been varying degrees of nurturing and attention available to us that we developed the skills to negotiate our daily lives.

But often we experience nagging doubts about our lovability, or our confidence, or our abilities, or a myriad of other thoughts telling us something is wrong with us. These are our inner voices reflecting the fears our Inner Child has internalized and struggles with daily. They come from unsafe feeling childhood experiences that create filters that our pure micro-voices look at the world through. This view alters how we see ourselves in the world.

Depending on the degree of traumatic experiences we have had we may still have some micro-voices that are relatively free of the distortions. Eagerly exploring nature without fear could be an inner strength one person enjoys while another is so terrified by the mysteries of the natural world that going for a walk in the woods is not possible. But talking before a group of people may terrorize the outdoor explorer and energize the person fearful of the mysterious outdoors.

We all hold some fearful filters as we grow into adulthood. For many of us it becomes a mission to avoid those parts of ourselves we don’t like. In the extreme these internal struggles can turn into an all-out war of destructive behaviors as we try to purge painful thoughts, visions, memories, and learned behaviors. This is a battle that can’t be won by force. These voices, no matter how painful they are to live with, are significant protective aspects of our inner self.

We may have several different micro-voices in pain all engaged in different micro-self-battles, but they all are operating from a place of survival, at least during the early stages of personality development. They are reflecting the fears they experienced earlier in life and are trying to help us survive using the tools they learned as a child to best handle their traumatic experiences.

Without appropriate intervention, inner exploration, and acceptance of our traumatic past these traumatized micro-voices can metastasize into very destructive behaviors. The challenge is discovering the techniques that work for releasing the fears being held.

It is important to realize we hold many micro-voices. They are our own Inner Child's creation to help us face earlier life problems. They hold onto fearful energies that can be released in time. They are learned responses to challenges, and they can be unlearned and healed as those challenges become less eventful in our lives.

We need to become aware of the basic natures of our protective micro-voices, the forces that created them, and realize they are only reflections of the present state of our ever-changing personalities. We can begin helping them heal individually and as a community of micro-personalities within us by taking incremental steps that peel away layers of emotional baggage.

Too often we see the 'negative side of ourselves' as something to disown, hate, be fearful of, run from. Choosing these actions become the source of our ticks, incomprehensible habits, out-of-the -blue reactions, tantrums, self-destructive behaviors, addictions, depressions, and so much more. These behaviors are indications of significant repression of micro-voice energies our Inner Child created to deal with deeper traumas that grow out of our control. - kc

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Nov 05, 2022

Therapists and various meditative practices around the world have studied techniques to help release our past fears. These practices involve changing our mindset toward the traumas that have occurred in our past. Often times, we get locked into a mental cycle reliving the moment and occasionally exaggerating it in our mind.


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